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                        SATO KONNO


I stared photography around 2012. Learn photography  while partake in several workshops and group exhibitions. 

From around 2015, I was moved by fantastic gelatin-silver print’s grain, and started using film camera. Always searching techniques for my best work, currently I have printed my works alternative method -Salt print or Lith print . 

I always try to create works that I am conscious of “space” and “aftereffect” in my works.  


<Solo Exhibition> 

2022. "forgiveness” GALLERY CAMELLIA

2018.9   "reminiscence" GALLERY CAMELLIA
2015.5   "Studium" Photon’s Art Gallery 


<Group Exhibition>

2016.11 Paris Photo’s satellite group exhibition  

     "Exposition jeune photographe japonais" 

      Galerie Planete Rouge 

And many other group exhibition. 

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