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Mitsuhiro Shoji

I was born and raised in Wajima, Ishikawa, Japan.
In 1994 I moved to New York to study photography where I am a graduate of the International Center of Photography with a certificate in Documentary photography. I now live in Yokohama.
My darkroom is located in my hometown of Wajima where I produce gelatin silver prints.

Major Exhibitions

2016. 4    ART FRALL, Osaka
2011. 1    Yokohama Photo Festival Pre Event, Yokohama
2010.11   Gallery “H.O.T.” ,  Osaka  
2010. 5    Gallery “ i ”, Kyoto 
2007. 5    ART LIFE MITSUHASHI, Kyoto
2006.10   ART SPACE “NIJI”, Kyoto
2004.10   Maruzen Bookshop Gallery, Kyoto
2001. 9    Gallery “ H.O.T.”, Osaka 
2000.10   Exhibit “A” Gallery, New York 


Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts, Yamanashi ART FRALL, Osaka, Japan

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