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Naoko Tsunoda

Naoko Tsunoda was born in Kagawa Prefecture, Japan. When her husband’s work took him to America, she followed and resided in Texas and California for over 10 years. America’s majestic natural beauty greatly moved her and she became keenly aware of the importance of nature. Teaching herself photography in 2005, she developed a collection of landscape photographs. In 2010, she returned to Chiba, Japan where she continues her photographic work.

2023  Photographic Art Asia 2023, JCII Club25, Tokyo, Japan / Group
2023  “Man-made Beach: Light & Life” Makuhari Neighborhood POD, Chiba, Japan / Solo
2018  Izukogen May Festival, Atelier KASUGA, Shizuoka, Japan / Duo 
Photographic Art Asia Exhibition, Gallery 5610, Tokyo, Japan / Solo
2016  “White Sands” Konica Minolta Plaza, Tokyo, Japan / Solo
2014  “Light Magic” Konica Minolta Plaza, Tokyo, Japan / Solo

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