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Masahiko Kuroki

Masahiko Kuroki

1959 Born in Yokohama, Japan​

1982 Graduated from the Faculty of Law, Saint Paul’ s University, Tokyo ​

1984 Graduated from the Department of Fine Art, Bunka Gakuin, Tokyo ​

2005 Began life in photography Exhibitions ​

2018 Shifting the main axis of expression to photography​


2023  "Photographic Art Asia Exhibition”(JCII, Tokyo)​

2023  "Plants Life 2 Exhibition" (PAPER POOL, Tokyo) ​

2022   Solo exhibition "Tokyo Geometry" (PAPER POOL, Tokyo)​

2022  "Plants Life Exhibition" (PAPER POOL, Tokyo) ​

2022  "Colors Exhibition" (PAPER POOL, Tokyo) ​

2021  "Photographic Art Asia Exhibition" (Gallery 5610, Tokyo)​

2017  "ArchiMinimal Photography Traveling Exhibition" (Italy) ​

2017  "B&W Minimalism Magazine Launch Exhibition" (Iran)​

2016  "Flower of My Soul Exhibition" (Italy)​

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