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Kotaro Shinohara

1947 Born in Takada city, Niigata pref.

         (currently Jouetsu city)

2000 Became interested in the 

         scenery of Kubikino, 
         Joetsu Region.

         Began landscape photography. 
2010 Participate in the Hirotaka

         Kasuga‘s workshop. Studied

         visual representaition and 

         monochrome fine printing using

         inkjet printers.

Major Exhibitions

2021  Group exhibition “Photographic Art Asia” (PAA), Gallery5610,Minami Aoyama Tokyo 

2019  Group exhibition “Photographic Art Asia” (PAA), Gallery5610, MinamiAoyama Tokyo 

2019  Solo exhibition “Soumoku Katagi”, Gallery E&M/Nishi Azabu, Tokyo 

2015-  Group exhibition, Photo Circle B&W, various galleries in Yokohama 


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